Water Resources Links

UW Department of Renewable Resources coordinates range, forest, watershed, entomology and soil scientists into one integrated department. The department was organized in this fashion to best address the research, teaching and extension needs characteristic of the western U.S. The department's research increasingly tackles the information gaps which are at the frontiers of science which lie in the connection between disciplines. Its extension programs offer integrated options that are needed to face real-world problems which often are not separated along scientific disciplinary boundaries.

UW Cooperative Extension Drought Page has links to topics and organizations involved in issues such as animal feeding operations, crop production, horticultural issues, livestock production, and wildfire information.

UW Water Resource Data Center is a clearinghouse of hydrological and climatological data for the State of Wyoming. Funded from an allocation from the Wyoming Water Development Commission, the System offers a wide range of products and services to its users.

NRCS National Water and Climate Center's mission is to lead the development and transfer of water and climate information and technology which support natural resource conservation. Its vision for the future is to be recognized as a global source for a top quality spatial snow, water, climate, and hydrologic network of information and technology.

UW Water Research Program is located at the University of Wyoming and oversees the coordination of Wyoming's participation in the NIWR program. The primary purposes of the program are to support and coordinate research relative to important water resources problems of the State and Region, support the training of scientists in relevant water resource fields, and promote the dissemination and application of the results of water-related research.

Wyoming State Water Plan follows the 1996 Legislature directive to the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) and the State Engineer's Office (SEO) to prepare recommendations for updating the 1973 Wyoming Framework Water Plan. The two agencies submitted a joint recommendation to the Governor, the Select Water Committee, and the Water Development Commission on October 1, 1996. 

Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Wyoming's agriculture, natural resources and quality of life.

Wyoming State Engineer's mission is to provide for the general supervision and protection of both inter- and intra-state waters of this state. This includes the appropriation, distribution and application to beneficial use of water as provided under the prior appropriation doctrine, and to maintain the flexibility within that framework to meet the changing needs of the citizens of Wyoming. The State Engineer's Office collects, analyzes, maintains and provides water related information for ensuring the appropriate management and regulation of Wyoming's water resources.

Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality's mission is to protect, conserve and enhance the quality of Wyoming's environment for the benefit of current and future generations.